If you’ve ever strapped on a Virtual Reality (VR) set, you might know the feeling of discomfort or nausea as you’re “moving around”.

It can get bad enough to impede your experience and enjoyment of VR, so Malaysian company Havson Group set about to solve it.

They were already working on their VR game center EXA Outpost in Setiawalk and motion sickness would be a downer for players.

EXA Outpost utilises a technology called Angkas, a VR system that can enable four to eight players to roam freely in a 10 by 5 meter room space.

Havson Group developed an advanced VR technology that solves problems of motion sickness and latency to work alongside Angkas.

At EXA Outpost, the VR headsets are not tethered to any desktop PC.

“Each VR headset comes with its own gun controller that’s connected to a custom-made backpack PC, and tracked by high-end motion capture system,” said Richard Lee, CEO at EXA Global.

Utilising its parent company’s VR tech, EXA Outpost showcases an immersive, hyper-reality experience that combines wireless VR headsets, free-roaming, and a sci-fi shooting concept.

It’s been branded as a disruptive Family Entertainment Center for Malaysians who’ve dreamed of living Call Of Duty in real life, and it’s the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

From https://vulcanpost.com/614091/virtual-reality-havson-group-funding-500-startups/

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