EziOwn vouchers to push the younger generation into house ownership.

PUCHONG, Selangor – July 26, 2017 – Amidst rising cost of living on top of a slow property market has resulted in home buyers losing the capability to purchase. Latest statistics by NAPIC revealed an increase in property overhang of 44% compared to 2015. The majority of potential home buyers, especially of those aged between 25 to 40 years of age, are not capable of forking out a full deposit. The rest face issues such as bad credit scoring resulting in loan rejections.

“The future belongs to the younger generation, and if they do not move property, the market will continue to dwindle as buyers are unable to buy and sellers unable to sell. They are the future movers of the property market.”, said Ray Chung Han Bon, CEO of Wonderlist Property, a Personalized Property Purchasing Platform at the launch of the Wonderlist EziOwn property voucher savings programme.

“EziOwn will boost home ownerships amongst the Gen Y and those who have difficulties in building up a savings for their down payment. This is the solution we see will assist those who needs more financial push to purchase properties.” EziOwn also features a referral programme providing lucrative incentives for those who purchase EziOwn vouchers.

Justin Lai, Founder & Director of CSDC Academy, a construction skills development centre, signed an MOU with Wonderlist, whereby EziOwn and property education will be included as part of the education carried out within the CSDC Academy community. Through this collaboration, RM5,000 EziOwn voucher will be given exclusively to all involved lecturers, staff and students of involved local universities.

Branden Ng, Director of Sales & Marketing of Wonderlist Property mentioned, “EziOwn vouchers follows a sharing economy model similar to Uber and Grab. If you refer a buyer, you will be entitled to referral incentives. With EziOwn, we are able to assist the community to earn a little extra income given economic conditions today.”

Property developers such as Titijaya have responded well to the programme and have collaborated with Wonderlist to implement EziOwn into their project sales. Projects available on EziOwn by Titijaya includes its H20 and Kemensah projects. Other developers such as Euroland and Bukit Hitam Development have also responded well and their projects have been on sale on the EziOwn portal.

On the other hand, Phoenix Plus Properties have also entered into an agreement with Wonderlist, requesting all its property negotiators to assist home buyers with the EziOwn voucher. Jordan Lim, General Manager of Phoenix Plus Properties said, “As negotiators, we notice the difficulties faced by home buyers when we interact with them. You can see the look of despair when they cannot afford the deposit. This is the solution buyers are looking for.”

Wonderlist re-iterates that this voucher can be used on top of any ongoing promotions of discounts the developer is offering. EziOwn can also be purchased from http://www.eziown.com and other e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Mudah, 11 Street and much more.

For more information, visit http://www.eziown.com, or call +603-9368 0019

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