First Blockchian economy event in KL

Bloconomic 2018 (Blockchain Economic Summit) started on 16th August in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was one of its kind which had successfully attracted over 80 international speakers, over 100 media partners with closed to 3,000 participants including speakers, experts, legislators, blockchain associations and community from over 30 countries.

Despite the sluggish cryptocurrency price right before the summit, it didn’t seem to affect the enthusiasm that the participants had towards the technology as they managed to see the use of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency itself. Reputable blockchain experts, digital asset management elites, and even professionals and banking executive themselves shared their experience, discussed the current and future development of blockchain economy.

The summit focuses on blockchain fundamental applications such as legislations around the world, eKYC, advertisement technology, AI, Big Data and asset tokenization, without any cryptocurrency speculation discussion taking place.

Trivechain Blockchain Hub, Centre of Excellence (COE)

The summit started off with an opening ceremony by the President of Malaysia Blockchain Association, Dato Rayson Wong, and the Vice President, Growth Ecosystem Development of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Mr. Norhizam Abdul Kadir, witnessing the birth of the Trivechain Blockchain Hub, a centre of excellence for blockchain application in collaboration between Malaysia Blockchain Association, Setia Haruman Sdn. Bhd. and the Trivechain Foundation. This is followed by a serial of MOU signing between Malaysia Blockchain Association with several parties in agreement to build the blockchain ecosystem together globally.

AlphaInnoLab SG Demoday#1 2018


On January 13th 2018 ,Alphacap + Hater Plus organize a Demoday Pitching at Singapore. This time Alphacap select more than 6 early-stage startups  private pitching to VCs and more than 50 angel investors in SG. The startups covered more than travel(Travelog),social media(Jiojiome), Real Estate(Wonderbucks),lifestyle(Dresstal),manpower(Upal) ,VR(Havson)and Ai(Workspez) industries.

Alphacap also thanks for Hacher+ venture give startups this special opportunities to pitch to SG investor and the atmosphere is good like a family.

Wishing all  startups can move very fast in 2018.

本次路演日主要由ALPHACAP 与HATCHER+资本在新加坡联合举办2018年第一次Demoday 合作,本次共计选出超过6间以上的新创团队包括旅游(Travelog)、社交媒体(Jiojiome)、Ai会计(Workspez )、房地产(Wonderbucks)、VR娱乐(Havson)、生活(Dresstal)、人力資源(Upal)等产业相关新创企業

當日有新加坡天使投资人50位以上出席当日活动,绝大部分投资者皆赞扬新创公司的产品及创新,并且对于各项目持续掌握后续发展及情况,ALPHACAP 与 HATCHER+资本也对于新创团队给予极高度的肯定,并高度关注2018年各个新创团队的发展,也代给更多天使投资人能够接触到早期的新创团队投资。



AlphaInnolab Bootcamp 2017

Great success for Alphacap AlphaInnolab BootCamp 2017🚀
Alphacappers Move with Ecosystem, March Forward!

14th to 16th Nov. is AlphinnoLab 2017 Bootcamp , we invited  lecturer Moc ,Syrikat Ong and also Arris Venture as speakers , to introduce some of the startups bootstrapping,Capital mechanism,Core Team ,CVs and the latest information, such as Malaysia’s LEAP Borad details to our student .Interaction between the speaker and students on-site good atmosphere!

Thanks to all the  startups and Speakers!

Free Consultation

o-BRAINSTORMING-facebookAlphacap through it’s strategic partnerships with Digital Hubs, Co-working Spaces and Universities is providing business support services for their members, including a free 15 minutes consultation per Startup for every 8 startups that sign up for the consultation.
Alphacap trainers will schedule a date to come to Digital Hub or University  premise for 2 hours after the 8 startups have been signed up.
If you are not a member of any Digital Hub or University you may still fill in the form and upon 8 startups being confirmed, a date will be set for free consultation at Alphacap offices



EziOwn vouchers to push the younger generation into house ownership.

PUCHONG, Selangor – July 26, 2017 – Amidst rising cost of living on top of a slow property market has resulted in home buyers losing the capability to purchase. Latest statistics by NAPIC revealed an increase in property overhang of 44% compared to 2015. The majority of potential home buyers, especially of those aged between 25 to 40 years of age, are not capable of forking out a full deposit. The rest face issues such as bad credit scoring resulting in loan rejections.

“The future belongs to the younger generation, and if they do not move property, the market will continue to dwindle as buyers are unable to buy and sellers unable to sell. They are the future movers of the property market.”, said Ray Chung Han Bon, CEO of Wonderlist Property, a Personalized Property Purchasing Platform at the launch of the Wonderlist EziOwn property voucher savings programme.

“EziOwn will boost home ownerships amongst the Gen Y and those who have difficulties in building up a savings for their down payment. This is the solution we see will assist those who needs more financial push to purchase properties.” EziOwn also features a referral programme providing lucrative incentives for those who purchase EziOwn vouchers.

Justin Lai, Founder & Director of CSDC Academy, a construction skills development centre, signed an MOU with Wonderlist, whereby EziOwn and property education will be included as part of the education carried out within the CSDC Academy community. Through this collaboration, RM5,000 EziOwn voucher will be given exclusively to all involved lecturers, staff and students of involved local universities.

Branden Ng, Director of Sales & Marketing of Wonderlist Property mentioned, “EziOwn vouchers follows a sharing economy model similar to Uber and Grab. If you refer a buyer, you will be entitled to referral incentives. With EziOwn, we are able to assist the community to earn a little extra income given economic conditions today.”

Property developers such as Titijaya have responded well to the programme and have collaborated with Wonderlist to implement EziOwn into their project sales. Projects available on EziOwn by Titijaya includes its H20 and Kemensah projects. Other developers such as Euroland and Bukit Hitam Development have also responded well and their projects have been on sale on the EziOwn portal.

On the other hand, Phoenix Plus Properties have also entered into an agreement with Wonderlist, requesting all its property negotiators to assist home buyers with the EziOwn voucher. Jordan Lim, General Manager of Phoenix Plus Properties said, “As negotiators, we notice the difficulties faced by home buyers when we interact with them. You can see the look of despair when they cannot afford the deposit. This is the solution buyers are looking for.”

Wonderlist re-iterates that this voucher can be used on top of any ongoing promotions of discounts the developer is offering. EziOwn can also be purchased from and other e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Mudah, 11 Street and much more.

For more information, visit, or call +603-9368 0019

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500 Startups Invested In This M’sian Company That Solves 2 Major Issues In VR


If you’ve ever strapped on a Virtual Reality (VR) set, you might know the feeling of discomfort or nausea as you’re “moving around”.

It can get bad enough to impede your experience and enjoyment of VR, so Malaysian company Havson Group set about to solve it.

They were already working on their VR game center EXA Outpost in Setiawalk and motion sickness would be a downer for players.

EXA Outpost utilises a technology called Angkas, a VR system that can enable four to eight players to roam freely in a 10 by 5 meter room space.

Havson Group developed an advanced VR technology that solves problems of motion sickness and latency to work alongside Angkas.

At EXA Outpost, the VR headsets are not tethered to any desktop PC.

“Each VR headset comes with its own gun controller that’s connected to a custom-made backpack PC, and tracked by high-end motion capture system,” said Richard Lee, CEO at EXA Global.

Utilising its parent company’s VR tech, EXA Outpost showcases an immersive, hyper-reality experience that combines wireless VR headsets, free-roaming, and a sci-fi shooting concept.

It’s been branded as a disruptive Family Entertainment Center for Malaysians who’ve dreamed of living Call Of Duty in real life, and it’s the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.


Congratulation EXA announce First Virtual Reality (VR) Theme Park in KL

EXA’s Setiawalk Outpost — located in Puchong, a suburban city 45 minutes drive away from Malaysia’s Capital City, Kuala Lumpur — is one of the world’s first few VR theme parks, coming only after The Void in the United States, Zero Latency in Australia, and SoReal in China.

At the Setiawalk Outpost, EXA features an exclusive four-player space exploration mission, called Dimension 12. In here, with the use of advanced VR technologies, such as untethered backpack setup and multi-user motion capture system, players get to experience a fully-immersive, wireless, and free-roaming VR gaming experience.

The latest disruptive Family Entertainment Center (FEC) to invade the gaming scene in Malaysia, EXA Outpost at SetiaWalk is a first-person, hyper-reality immersive experience that puts players right smack dab in the middle of a dimension exploration. EXA Outpost brags the rights to be the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, being a quality full-service Hyper-Reality–FECs that will command the approval of the predominantly Malaysian community which it serve.


Mr Richard Lee, CEO of EXA Global – under the umbrella of digital entertainment and technology company Havson Group – said that engagement is the core to every project being designed by the team – to get their players involved in the technology, to be a part of the story, and experience the game together as a team.

“EXA Outpost is a project of exploration; we invite friends and family to explore, to engage, to defend and return home with an experience where they can share with one another. The moment they book their tickets, we want them to experience the story together as a team,” said Mr Lee during the launch of EXA Outpost yesterday.

A mixture of both physical and hyper-reality attractions that holds a fully immersive, wireless free roaming concept, the gaming content of EXA Outpost are created and developed solely by EXA Global themselves. A Sci-fi shooting game involving multi-players of four in a closed room, troopers will firstly be placed in EXA Outpost’s Ingress room for a briefing on their mission and safety conditions, where they will be suited up with the EXA Gear – player-wearable technology consisting of backpacks, guns, headset, batteries and charging system.

Players will then experience the real highlight of the dimension exploration along with the outer space atmosphere through their ANGKAS system, providing troopers with a more surreal and breathtaking experience. Players will immerse themselves in a surreal movie-like graphic story of being trained as new recruits equivalent to Starship Troopers in a graphically-enhanced Mission Room, receiving orders from a certain Commander Rick and dispatched to explore a foreign dimensional space that will leave players in awe and admire the ‘reality’ of an unexplored realm. Players are instructed to navigate the deep caves of the dimension and investigate the area, encouraging them to explore, engage and experience the whole story and the surreal atmosphere they are transported into, and work together as a team to conquer their mission when encountering large and vicious alien-like monsters.

Mr Lee emphasized that its innovative facilities will have a positive impact within the Family Entertainment Centers both in Malaysia and on a global scale – having fully analysed and researched the market to effusively enhance the augmented reality solution for both gamers and non-gamers. He went on to add that there are more enhancements and developments to be made to allow their players visiting EXA Outpost have the full immersive experience in letting them feel what EXA Global wants them to feel.

“As part of the creative and innovative pioneer in digital entertainment and technology Havson Group, between ourselves we created the ultimate immersive Hyper-Reality Studio experience within this region.“With great minds combined, we successfully developed a unique and distinctive system of high quality Hyper-Reality Entertainment Centers and create an exceptional yet incredible experience bringing hyper-reality to a new height,” said Mr Lee.

“At EXA Outpost, the “wow” factor is something we want to evoke in people, as the stories we tell and the experience we give, is what each and every person will be bringing home and return for more, as such experience is always crucial in every project we do,” said Mr Lee. EXA Outpost also consists of two rooms: dedicated to the games and a Hyper-Reality Arcade Entertainment Centre where patrons can play VR arcade games.