Wonderbucks Berhad is a start-up in ASEAN, south-east Asian common market, where tackles ~600 million population in 10-countries with USD 2 trillion of GDP.

We focus on building an online ecosystem that enables real estate deal making and sealing. We are currently on our way to be the largest real estate technology platform in ASEAN, housing a unique platform and business model. Our app Wonderlist, has become a popular real estate platform to consolidate real estate services under a single integrated entity. It eases property transactions and eventually digitalizes it via payment gateway. Its features include a property Fintech lease option system for younger generation to acquire property in a short term which also reduces the financial burden to the buyer. On one side, close to half the population in Asean is looking for shelter needs that overheats the property market tremendously, the banking sector is facing non-performing loan which reduces the lending and diminishes loan opportunities on the other side of the equation. Alternatives such as property auction has hence become an obvious alternative.

Our platform currently tackles these problems by matching the increasingly sophisticated property investors, existing house owners and future house buyers in a way that cut deals without having to change the current bank’s policies. Our methodology wins favour from both buyers and sellers, and had become an alternative option to normal financing offered by the banks. We are partnering with the award winning real estate developers and have roped in more than 100 lawyers in ASEAN countries, as well as banking and financial institutions.



Wonderlist Property Sdn Bhd was founded on 22 December 2014. Wonderlist Property aims to provide ongoing solutions to challenges faced by real estate agents. On the 31st of May 2015, Wonderlist launched its mobile application. About 2700 real estate agents, media, venture capitalist attended the launching event in Malaysia.

Within 5 months, the Wonderlist app had attracted 30,000 downloads and more than 5000 agents subscribing to its services. The Wonderlist app solves the issue of a real estate agent’s reliability by having ratings and review system. At the same time, Wonderlist assists real estate agents to access a bigger market of properties and grab more opportunities to make deals. Wonderlist is aiming to be the world’s largest realtors’ collaboration network.



Lease option is generally known as a lease with the option to purchase. In other words, the buyers pay for an option that grants them the right to purchase the property at an established price within a certain time frame, usually three to five years. The option money is not refundable.

Lease option is different with lease purchase. Lease purchase binds both seller and buyer to the sale while the buyer has the right but no obligation to buy the property in a lease option.



Houzcare is an application that caters for property valuation. One can now use Houzcare to search and get the property valuation in just several minutes by using this app in smartphone. Property valuation usually takes up much time and hassle. In a normal transaction, a client might need 3 days to 7 days to get a valuation. However now, with this app, a person can get faster house valuations and proceed with his loan. Therefre, we believe Houzcare mobile app will be a game changer in Real Estate industry.

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