Workspez delivers Artificial Intelligence solution in Accounting. Our solution helps small to medium companies in Southeast Asia to reduce accounting cost and streamline accounting process to be less tedious.

Why Us

We use Artificial Intelligence technology in our software to make accounting easier, accurate, faster & more affordable for day to day usage.

  • Time is money, and everyone likes money! – With almost 98% accuracy, we aim to get things done faster than any accountant can.
  • Save money with us. Instead of hiring accountants and paying them every month, why not invest in us, your friendlier, faster and more reliable software?
  • Connect with our partner accountant! Not only do we provide you with a great software, we also provide you with some of our accountants to help you with everything else complicated and more.
  • Fast, convenient & accurate. A software to use on the go, anywhere and anytime, at your own convenience.
  • With the help of document automation, we can now cut back on typing invoices in and instead record them by uploading images or PDF files of the invoice! We go 0-100 real quick!

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